Outpost’s 10 Commandments

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With Record Store Day just around the corner, this month the Outpost team are coming down from the mountain (read: mezzanine) to give you our 10 commandments for getting the most out of that PR campaign you’ve been dreaming of. From FAN-ing the flames of your social media profiles (get it?) to coaxing in journos with a compelling chronicle, Outpost’s got you covered. We’ll see you on the other side.

  1. Get Your Story Straight’ – One of the secrets to shining through the mountain of music appearing daily in bloggers’ already overflowing inboxes lies in intrigue. A great back-story sifts your track to the top of the pile. Whether it’s interesting inspiration, peculiar production techniques or studio mishaps, one thing is certain: Stories sell.


  1. ‘Find Your Feet’ – What’s your niche? Breaking out is harder when you’re just fitting in. Standing out from the cacophony of creators pushing their new music out into the already saturated blogosphere is hard enough as it is, so finding your unique selling point whether it’s your aesthetic, or your sound has never been more crucial.


  1. ‘Start Small’ – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any musician’s career. The best way to grow is organically (nobody wants Genetically Modified music!). Whether it’s starting with regional radio, or gaining the loyalty of the smaller tastemaker blogs – Pitchfork is not the be-all-and-end-all.


  1. Quality is Key’ – Picture the scene: you’ve poured blood, sweat and countless beers into months and years of artistic toil, creating the greatest album this side of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, leaving Adele in the dust of your creative genius, ‘The Life Of Pablo’ has nothing on you. But if it’s a poor recording, it’s simply not mastered, or it’s just a demo, then the world may never know your musical genius. Do your music justice.


  1. ‘Fans come first’ – Nothing does more to spread your music than the hoards of loyal fans you’ve amassed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat. Keep them engaged, show them what you’re up to and watch that fanbase grow.


  1. ‘Where are you going with this?’ – Thinking in the long-term gives your music and your promo direction. Decide what you want to achieve, and aim for it. Setting a long-term plan stops you wondering aimlessly in the desert that is the music industry, and trust us, this wouldn’t just be 40 days and 40 nights.


  1. ‘Share the love’ –You know that loyal-fanbase we’ve been growing? Well, here they are again. Use your socials to share the news that Indie Shuffle reviewed your new album – share the love, tag the blog, a happy blogger is a friendly blogger, and friendly bloggers might post about your music again!


  1. ‘All the assets’ – Get your quotes out. Before your campaign begins, make sure you’ve got your assets in order. Some beautiful press shots, stunning visuals, captivating quotes and a banging bio all come together to keep the campaign running smooth as silk.


  1. ‘Less is more’– So you’re on fire, every second of every day is a moment of inspired creative genius, you’re non-stop writing round the clock. But that doesn’t mean you should be releasing 13 singles a month (besides the fact that 13 is an unlucky number). Pick the crème de la crème, let one track grow to its full potential before moving on to the next, if you’re bombarding bloggers with a barrage of ballads, you’re running the risk of becoming white noise.


  1. ‘Make. Good. Music.’ That’s why we’re all here after all isn’t it?

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