Outpost PR team launch Schaus ‘Pop EP’ 19th March 2021

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What a great record it is. Lovely, lovely Record” – Tom Ravenscroft BBC 6 Music

From the syrup-laden beats to those oozing melodies, the sheer sensory overload on display is remarkable” – Clash Magazine

Experimental pop artist Schaus returns with his bold new project ‘Pop EP’ set for release on 19th March.

With influences ranging from R&B and Hip-Hop, to J-Pop and Hyperpop, Schaus combines various hues and textures from across a full musical spectrum. Thematically, the record explores the new depths of an unbound sex life, with Schaus providing a more sensual side to his work than he has done before. ‘Can’t Take My Bed’, is an anthemic opening to the ‘Pop EP’ story, full of unexpected twists and turns guided by shining synths and Schaus’ signature vibrato vocals.

Schaus first started creating music five years ago from his bedroom studio in Portland, Oregon. Trawling through YouTube tutorials, he spent his time crafting and exploring experimental sonics that have now become his signature sound supported by the likes of Clash and Tom Ravenscroft on BBC 6 Music. To accompany his style, Schaus has created a wholly unique visual world inspired by an episode of Tim & Eric on Adult Swim, in which he experiments with various animation styles and 3D elements.

‘Pop EP’ is a vibrant journey into the one-of-a-kind mind of Scott Schaus; inspired by Top 40, yet wonderfully off-centre.


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