Selected to launch Craig David’s internationally popular series of parties, ‘TS5’, in London, Outpost developed a comprehensive press and online campaign strategy.

The sell-out event at Oslo in Hackney featured a hand curated line-up with a focus on fresh talent and unconventional performance, and saw Craig welcome Manchester-based DJ/producer White N3rd and Bristolian house act Barny Rubble.

During the hugely successful campaign, Outpost secured national press coverage in The MirrorTime OutThe Guardian Guide and DJ Mag, as well as garnering support for the show from local press and ASOS. Meanwhile, the online and radio results featured a wide range of support spanning airplay on Hoxton FM to internationally renowned blogs like HillydillyTHUMP and The Music Ninja, as well as features and interviews on the likes of Hunger TVThe Idle ManComplex UKMusic Week and Buzzfeed.

The successes seen in launching ‘TS5’ echoed those seen when working with club night series The Hydra, who turned to Outpost to promote the monumental launch season at their permanent home: Studio Spaces in East London.

Designed to reflect the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, The Hydra hosted parties curated by the likes of Ninja TuneBugged OutTheo Parrish’s Sound Signature label and Berghain’s Ostgut Ton.

Outpost secured press coverage in Time OutMixmag, The Guardian, DJ Mag and Evening Standard – with many including the events in top pick lists for Bank Holiday and New Years’ events across the country.

The online coverage was equally as successful, with blogs and websites as diverse as Style of Sound, Resident Advisor, Stamp the Wax and The 405supporting the event through features, previews, reviews and competitions.